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Real-time face tracking + Projection Mapping = Face Hacking

Japanese producer and projection mapping specialist Nobumichi Asai colaborated with make-up artist Hiroto Kuwahara along with French digital image engineer Paul Lacroix to create this awesome video art installation entitled Omote. The title refers to the mask used in the traditional Japanese musical drama of Noh. Using real-time face tracking and projection mapping the team created a virtual mask on the face of a live mode..


The woman wears no makeup. Instead her face is covered in tiny sensors for 3D laser scanning of her features and the projection of a perfectly accurate three-dimensional facial replica making her appear as though her eyes are open when they’re really closed and that she’s wearing makeup:


Or undergoing surreal transformations straight out of anime or science fiction:


Welcome to the marvelous world of face hacking:


Watch Omote to get the full effect of this stunning project.

Then click here for even more of Nobumichi Asai’s awesome face hacking projects. We can’t wait to see how this fascinating technology is used in future.

[via Business Insider, RocketNews24 and WebUrbanist]

Hey ultracheese this looks right up your alley. = ]

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